"In all honesty, the 2 full days of guided touring with you were by far the highlights of our entire trip. We cannot thank you enough for those 2 wonderful, wonderful days of sightseeing & bonding. Even looking at the video of Fatima, Cris and I could still feel the emotions of the moment that were just magical. I am so very very glad that I found your web site and that you took the unselfish initiative of seeking out a wheelchair-friendly van. We all jointly felt that your very friendly and warm demeanor went way beyond "just providing a guided tour". We all felt like we were part of your family and that you wanted to show us as much as you could in the limited number of days we had to spend in Lisbon. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I / we love you. Warm regards." - Mike Shaushkin, El Segundo, CA

"It was really great to get to see parts of Portugal outside Lisbon. We could have done that on our own perhaps but the incredible information you possess and the very charming way you share it is wonderful.  Everything was superb including your restaurant selection in Sintra. It was a long day which under other circumstances could have become tedious but it was like traveling with friends so it was fun and easy. Much as if you were old friends we were coming on a visit." - Name withheld. 

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"I don't know if we will get to Portugal again as there are so many places in the world to see but if we do we will call once again on your marvelous services. Thanks again for being a part of our vacation to Europe. If you want to have people contact us about your tours we will be most happy to tell them that it would be a mistake not to engage you." -  Bill and Gloria Johnson 

"Hi Mary and Rui: We enjoyed your tour to Fatima tremendously. The "bonus" tour of Lisbon was wonderful. Your knowledge of Lisbon and its history is highly informative and interesting and is a refreshing change from the standard tour guides who merely point out the obvious yet know nothing more! Other passengers who had booked ship-sponsored tours informed us of how disappointed they were with those tours. I am happy to say that our experience with you was the opposite! Take care and keep up the good work." - Nancy Horner 

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"Both of you were an important factor in making our time in Portugal so memorable.  Thank you again and again. I have been going back over in my mind the places Mary showed us, and there is just no way to pick a favorite.  I think, perhaps the church was the most unexpected surprise.  It was just magnificent!  The plain exterior does not prepare you for the exquisite beauty inside. I was most impressed that this is a functioning church and worshipers continue to be ministered to today. Mafra and Sintra certainly lived up to my expectations.  The guidebooks, no matter how thorough, cannot begin to describe how fascinating the area really is.  I am most appreciative of the knowledge you have of the places you took us to visit.  It makes "just another beautiful church or castle" really come alive when intimate details of the personages and possessions are revealed. Thank you also for not "whisking" us through, but taking time to make it OUR visit. Rui, the care and attention that you took in getting us through Lisbon and back was first class!  Not only that, but the convenience of having you make sure you got us as close to our destination as was humanly possible is no small item.  We thank you again for making us feel comfortable and safe while we were in your care. Having said all that, I must comment on the friendly and interesting conversations.  Not only did you make us feel like special tourists, you made us feel welcome and appreciated. All my best," - Joyce 


"Mary Goudie was an excellent tour guide; she is very knowledgeable about the history of Portugal and present day information.  She has a magnetic personality and it only took us a couple of hours to feel like we had known her a lifetime.  Her husband Rui was a wonderful driver, he dropped us off at the exact point of interest and Mary would phone him to pick us up and he was there within minutes.  They are an excellent team and go out of their way to make your tour specialized to your interest.  Mary is so perceptive that she can almost read you mind.  They made our vacation in Portugal wonderful.  This is not just a job for her she truly loves people and the opportunity to educate them about Portugal." -  Susan, Dave, Kay & V

"Mary and Rui certainly helped to make our trip to Portugal extra special. Without them, we could not have seen the different cities outside of Lisbon with such additional information and ease. For those who are cautious about making arrangements over the Internet, please know that is a couple that are not only trustworthy, but informative and, best of all, lots of fun." - Marcia Fishman.