Lisbon Custom Shore Tours A la Carte

See what others don't. Make the best of your time in Lisbon with your British guide plus your own dedicated driver. We will pick you up and drop you off at your Lisbon dock.  My Shore Excursions are Built to Maximise your time in Port with tailor made, customized itineraries that are personalized just for you. 

Custom Touring starts here - create your perfect day while ashore. 

Choose from a wide range of opportunities that will turn your port trip into a never to be forgotten travel adventure that will be the highlight of your European cruise experience. Email me for more information.

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Sail in with the Sunrise, Sail out with the Sunset!

Welcome to Lisbon's river the Tagus, O Tejo 



All of these cruise lines will be in the Port of Lisbon in 2015.


shore Trips & Excursions

Testimonial: "Other passengers who had booked ship-sponsored tours informed us of how disappointed they were with those tours. I am happy to say that our experience with you was just the opposite! Keep up the good work."

Our shore tours are different - get off the bus and see what others can't!


Listed below are tour options that you have while at Port in Lisbon. Depending on your cruise ship's arrival and departure times you can easily do these full day tours:

  • Lisbon Highlights
  • Lisbon & Sintra
  • Sintra only - seeing more sights.
  • Various Wine Tasting Tours to nearby wineries or just an intro within the Lisbon tour.

These are great tours if you have time constraints or it's your first visit to the city and port.

Great Land Tours Beyond Lisbon

  • South of the River from Lisbon - Great for wonderful scenery with pristine untouched Mediterranean flora and ocean view from high cliff roads - the French Riviera as it once was.
  • Shrine of Fatima - this I do in more depth covering not just the main sanctuary square but also the way of the cross.
  • Fatima & Batalha - they are close, so manageable for cruisers who want a bit of history thrown in with the Shrine.
  • Obidos - this I combine with the Buddha Garden and wine tasting, making it a unique full day tour.

Email me for more information.


What Makes a Great Shore Excursion

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see how the land lies on one of our shore tours!

Book your tour early so you're not disappointed and lose out on the date! There's only the 2 of us so when a date gets filled it's gone forever unless we get a cancellation - and those are as rare as hen's teeth!

Wherever you are from, ships that salied in and out of this harbour have influenced YOUR country's history.

1488 Barotoloneu Dias rounds Southern Africa.
1498 Vasco da Gama discovers the sea route to India.
1500 Pedro Alves Cabral reaches Brazil.
1501 Corte Real reaches Newfoundland.
1512 the Portuguese make it to the Moluccas - the Spice Islands.
1513 Trading posts set up in China at Macau and Canton.
1543 The Portuguese arrive in Japan.
1588 the Spanish Armada sails from Lisbon hoping to defeat Elizabeth I of England.

Now YOU are sailing in let us show you where it all started from!

We pick you up and return you to your ship!

Happy guests with Rui after a whistle stop tour to Fatima!