The Day Lisbon Burned

Lisbon Burned 25 Years Ago

One of Lisbon's more recent calamities - not as devestating at the great earthquake - but it still wiped out a major part of downtown & along with it a bygone time.

Lisbon's Chiado has bounced back, many of the old places are gone & new establishments have opened their doors. For me with memories of how it once was, there is almost a parallel universe there that I can easily take you back to - interwoven into one of my custom private tours - don't miss the chance to ride back into the not so distant past & find out what it was like a quater of a century ago in the "Bond Street of Lisbon".

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I remember that the firefighters could not get up into the street easily because of the concrete planters in the middle of the road & the danger of the still connected overhead electirified tram line that had been left in place above Rua do Carmo. Travel with me into a Lisbon tale of the past, that I have lived & long to share with you.