Portuguese Sweetness in a Glass

What does Cleopatra  and the French Sun King have in Common? 

The queen of Egypt and Louis XIV of France's favorite tipple had everything to do with a certain little grape named the Muscat. Making honey-tongued wine from ancient times right up to the present day. 

The Muscat is one of the wine gifts from Ancient times. 

Transplanted and well traveled across the Mediterranean from Italy, Spain and surpassing itself in the vineyards south of Portugal's capital Lisbon. 

Moscatel de Setubal 

This delicious wine is ubiquitous in the city where it can be found in every cafe in one shot little bottles right up to vintage bottles that would delight the most discerning  of wine connoisseurs. It has the goldilocks effect of being just right in its sweetness and surprisingly good accompanying one of Lisbon's other foodie calling cards the custard tart. 

Moscatel Roxo

A slightly drier rosy version hybrid produces a wine that would make any summer picnic paired with strawberries and cream a real in the pink affair. 

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