Octopus Eating Chefs at the "Fish"

Top Lisbon Chefs Talk Shop over Octopus & Red Wine

Chefs at the top table at the "Peixe" enjoying the fruit or should I say the fish of their labors at the Lisbon Gourmet Fish Fest Peixe em Lisboa. You too can still enjoy these fishy delights until the 14 April 2013. Hurry along there this weekend to munch your way through a tentacle or two! If you miss it just hightail it to their restaurants in Lisbon anytime.

Is 2013 Year of the Octopus?

Tasty fab fishy creations showcasing this cephalopod feature at the event, does this make it year of the Octopus, I wonder? These Lisbon Chefs are certainly wolfing down and enjoying a great tentacle platter from A Travessa Restaurant here being handed out by head honcho Antonio Moita

This hearty rustic platter was finger licking good. Best way to get your teeth into the irresistible appendages - just grab one of them and aim for your mouth careful though not to drip olive oil all over your front! 

Red, Red Wine - Portuguese Please!

With all this lovely food the need for a good splash of red wine is a must. Keeping it flowing with the BIG bottle is Rui Pregal da Cunha, singer of Herois do Mar and owner of Can the Can Restaurant

Royally Refined Octopus on the Menu too

Missing from the Chefs spread that night was our culinary Prince Harry namely Henrique Mouro of Assinatura Restaurant who produced an elegant Octopus Terrine that would satisfy any discerning palate on the quest for that well dressed tentacle. He promises to douse it with a bigger dollop of golden vinaigrette the next time as it's so moreish, who could resist! 


Big Daddy Tentacle

Piece de resistance has to go to Chef Akis, unfortunately not on the menu at the "Peixe" but can be had with a quick hop, skip & jump to the other side of the square to Can the Can. This colossus of a slow roasted fresh grilled octopus tentacle sits proudly at top spinach, dill, tomato and garlic with a smattering of crunchy corn bread crumbs thrown in. 

It simply blinds our taste buds with its dressing of orange juice and olive oil, don't you think? 

If you haven't thought about becoming a tentacle eater until now, Lisbon is by far the best place to begin. With savy Portuguese Chefs like these to prepare this leggy creature you just can't go wrong. 

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