Lisbon A Perfect Day

Lisbon such a perfect day, oh such a perfect day. Late December's heavenly blue tops a golden cape and carpet , inviting a traveller to sit awhile and muse in Lisbon's favorite garden.

No Autumn tints from deciduous trees spray the seven hills here a burnished hue, but prehistoric Ginkgo's little fans give up their green as Christmas comes.

A bench awaits for weary legs in Lisbon's garden of the Star, where a tourist can emerge a traveller again. Turn your eyes aloft to whitened Christian grandeur.

Or explore the symbols underfoot as yet unknown but soon to unfold as Lisbon tells you her intimate tales and historic chronicles. 

So take a seat and let the city this secret hidden heartbeat pace, then away again, down or up, on trundling tram more stories to find or  to make on a perfect Lisbon day.



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Mary H Goudie Lisbon Bloggerista, Tour Crafter & Event Designer Extraordinaire. This Scot on Loan to Portugal loves to share her experiences of her adopted home port of Lovely Lisbon by the Sea - where Europe meets the Atlantic.


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