Discover the Wine of Dao Portugal

Why not become a #Daolover with these gastronomic wine offerings from Caminhos Crusados - red, white or rosé you won't be disappointed. Available in Lisbon at Adega & Gourmet in Campo de Ourique or let them send you a couple of bottles if you are elsewhere in Portugal. 

My favorite white was the one note, made solely from the Encruzado grape vatiety, coming in at €8.95. Invite it to your next dinner party where it will pair it's self prefectly with fish, poultry or lamb. This wine starts off in stainless steel tanks then into french oak barrels for eight months with "batonnage" producing a 13% alcohol citrus colored white. For all of you who have not a bottle to hand here is a visual taste primer.  

"For the moment, this grape is restricted very much to the DOC Dao wine region of Portugal , but watch this space. It is one of Portugal's top white grape vatieties. The best examples have delicate aromas of roses and violets, light citrus notes, a touch of resin and, in certain conditions, intensely mineral notes. Amongst its virtues is the ability to maintain almost perfect balance between sugar and acidity, making seriously rich structured wines with extraordinary aging potential. It is used both as a single variety and as a star ingredient in many Dao blends."  from Wines of Portugal.


My other must have wine was the seriously interesting inky red one note, Alfrocheiro at €9.95 - gave me hints of leather and deep red fruits that would make the perfect pairing with game or beef

"This is another Dao grape by origin, making wines rich in color but with a good balance of tannins, alcohol, acidity and attractive berry fruits especially blackberries and ripe strawberries

I found this critique on the Titular Alfrocheiro Red. Don't know if you would agree or not, there is no right or wrong here just about your perception and your nose. I think that the leather that I was getting was this guy's truffle note.

" A developing nose with medium intensity aromas of plums, dried cherries, truffles, black pepper and hints of violet. The wine is dry with a medium acidity. It has high course tannins and high alcohol at 14,5%, plus it has a full body and medium intensity of flavors and a medium finish. It starts it life in stainless steel tanks then moves to french oak barrels for one more year before bottling. It is a good quality wine with a great structure and decent complexity  provided by spicy and floral aromas. Drink now, but it has enough tannins and fruit concentration to develop more complexity over the next  five to eight years.

With these tannins you may like to decant it at for your next dinner party or at least let it breath at bit, certainly give it a good swirl in the glass for a smoother taste. I'm not a fan of aerating wine but you can choose what suits you best. Here is an article that is worth the read for more information on the subject. 

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