Luxury SUV

This is our big 7 seat luxury Japanese SUV it's rather swish with all leather seats, air conditioning and sun roof for easy viewing of all the sights and would not be out of place carrying high powered UN officials as they use the same model!  I usuall sit in the niddle seas on the second row so that I everyone can hear me.

You will have to sort it out between yourselves as to who is to ride shotgun next to Rui (husband and driver) and who will ride on the 3rd row. Although it can seat 5 guests we usually only like to fill it with a party of 4, like yourselves, so the person in the 3rd row seat is more comfortable and can slide their legs to the side for more room. 

Why you'll love it:

 You feel like the King of the Road, heads above the rest in our opulent SUV with the space of a minivan but all the comfort of a Mercedes S Class. This true 4 X 4 allows you to have fun and possibly show off a bit in your "Country Style Limo" for the day! 

Lisbon's seven hills are a breeze, we drive you up to high above St Georges castle to look out over the city or downhill on cobble stone streets where there is only space for one of Lisbon's antique trams to pass in the narrow streets.