About our Tours

Lisbon the lovely, Lisbon the fair, never to have seen her is to miss something Rare!

Firstly to clarify the length of our full day tours, we only conduct tours of 7 hours duration, which includes up to 1 hour for snacks or lunches. If we go over this limit we charge a flat fee of 50 euro for any extra hour over this period. These extensions usually occur on tours beyond Lisbon as our guests usually get fascinated and it is hard to drag them away but we do like to keep to the absolute maximum of 8 hours, we have to sleep and have dinner too you know!

I have come up with this limit after 12 years experience of conducting excursions, as this usually is just about what our guests can enjoy without going home needing a holiday to recover from the vacation that have just had! I know that you are going to agree with me that is it better to aim for quality rather than quantity, I really want you to go home with a lasting memory and perhaps a little in depth knowledge as to what you have seen with me instead of a fast moving blur of castles, churches, places & palaces etc.

We pick you up at your hotel or cruise ship terminal at 9:30 and the normal full day tour will see you back at the hotel door or you ship at 16:30 or 14:00 if it's a half day Lisbon Tour. Email me for more information.

Our half day Lisbon tours of 3 and half hours including half an hour break for coffee or a snack are a great way to introduce you to the city.

For Shore Excursions we are more flexible as to when we pick you up as the arrival and especially the departure time of your ship will dictate. We will know the specific dock you will tie up as in Lisbon this information is only definitively available on the same month that your ship is in dock.


Quality not Quantity

Other tour operator's itineraries look more like a drive past rather than a tour that takes in much else, I am not going to talk to you as if you were on a school trip or go over you head with explanations more akin to a PhD student's thesis although I do have an Hons Degree in Fine art! I speak your language, it makes a great deal of difference to hear about the sights from someone whose mother tongue is the same as yours - yes I know that other tour operators specify English speaking driver/guides, but what would you rather have?

Exclusive Treatment

I give you my full attention and point all the interesting things you may otherwise miss without our service, plus as we only take up to maximum 4 guests (except on a disabled person wheelchair bound accessible adapted tour van, which can take maximum five persons plus driver and myself) you can be sure that your questions will get answered personally!  With us your own personal guide and private driver you get a 5 star top notch service. Ask yourself where else do you email and talk directly to the very person that will be conducting your special trip to Lisbon.

We're SUPER Flexible

When it comes to tailor made and speciality shore tours we can change the proposed schedule on the day if you let us know 24 to 48 hours in advance via text message or email. I realise that you have been to other destinations on you cruise or trip to Europe and by now you could be addicted to palaces, castles and churches or it may if you see another one on your trip you are going to be sick!  Remember this tour is all about you so let us make your tour in Portugal the best ever!

Years of Experience

I've lived right in the heart of Lisbon for nearly 3 decades now and showing guests just like you round for well over 12 years, I can even say "I can remember when in Lisbon" without any hesitation. With Rui, my Portuguese husband as your dedicated driver and me as your Lisbon know-it-all to show you round can't fail to get the best out of your visit to Lisbon and Portugal. See you soon! Email me for more information.

Time Saved

You are going to save a LOT of time and benefit greatly on one of our tours. For instance:

  • No waiting for everyone to get on and off the bus plus head counts after every stop. Rui drops us off as close to the sight as possible and picks us up where and when I call him and, if we do any short walks, I do try to make them the downhill route!
  • No long explanations in multiple languages in large groups with only the people at the front hearing everything. I do tours in English only and I am ready to answer your questions.
  • You decide how long you spend at any given sight and you decide how many monuments/museums we visit - given the time we have of course!

Email me for more information.